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The Biggest Things in Kashmir today is talking about 5G and teaching coding to kids.

The Biggest Things in Kashmir today is talking about 5G and teaching coding to kids. A few days ago I opened this website of Satyagraha and I noticed two articles, but I did not read them by clicking on the link, just thought about this news story and started working on it. What were the articles, the question is? "What will happen when 5G comes?" and “Is it right to talk about teaching coding to 5-6-year-olds?” As soon as I read these headlines, an incident that happened two days ago started spinning in my mind. I was in the shop of my friend Burhan Qazi located in the Lal Chowk area of ​​Anantnag that day. At the same time, a person came to Burhan's shop to get a new mobile phone. Burhan Qazi, in a hurry, took out a new mobile phone and said, "This is the very latest, 5G phone". Hearing this, the customer smiled and started inquiring about other cheap phones. Later he left the shop without taking the phone. Neither I was surprised nor Burhan Qazi was surprised

The story of Mahindra Limited ||BUSINESS|| ||STORY|| ||MAHINDRA||

 The story of Mahindra Limited

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited ('M&M') is the leading organization of the Mahindra Group which comprises different business interests across the globe and total incomes of around USD 19.4 billion. The organization works in nine sections: auto portion contains deals of vehicles spare parts and related administrations; ranch gear fragment involves deals of farm trucks spare parts and related administrations; data innovation (IT) administrations include administrations delivered for IT and telecom; monetary administrations involve administrations identifying with financing renting and recruit acquisition of autos and farm trucks; steel exchanging and handling involves exchanging and preparing of steel; framework include working of business edifices project the executives and advancement; friendliness portion contains an offer of the condo; Systech fragment involves car segments and other related items and administrations and its others section involve coordinations secondary selling bikes and speculation. 

The organization had developed its best management facilities in the world.
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd was joined on October 2 1945 with the name Mahindra and Mohammed Ltd. The organization was renamed Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd in the year 1948. In the year 1950, the organization started the primary business with Mitsubishi Corporation, and 5000 tons of cart building plates from Yawata Iron and Steel were supplied. In the year 1953, Otis Elevator Company (India) was set up. A joint endeavor was made with Rubery Owen and Company Limited UK and set up an organization under the name of Mahindra Owen. The organization's Machine Tools Division has started its tasks in the year 1958. In the year 1960 Mahindra Sintered Products Limited was set up dependent on a joint endeavor with Bir Field (GKN Group UK). In the year 1962 Mahindra Ugine Steel Company was set up as a joint endeavor between the organization and Ugine Kuhlmann France. In the year 1963 International Tractor Company of India was set up as a joint endeavor with International Harvester Company USA. In the year 1965, the organization went into light business vehicles fragment. 

They set up Vickers Sperry of India Ltd a joint endeavor with Sperry Rand Corporation USA. In the year 1969, the organization entered the world market with a fare of utility vehicles and extra parts. In the year 1977, the International Tractor Company of India converged with the organization and turned into its Tractor Division. In 1982 Mahindra brand of farm vehicles were dispatched and turned into the market chief in the Indian farm hauler market. In the year 1991, the organization presented the administrator scope of vehicles on the lookout. Likewise, they set up Mahindra Financial Services Ltd as a discount store provider. In the year 1995 Mahindra Holding and Finance Limited turned into an auxiliary of the organization to do business as a venture organization. The organization made a specialized joint effort with Mitsubishi/Samcor to produce the Mitsubishi L300. In 1996 Mahindra Ford India Limited set up a joint endeavor with Ford Motor Company USA to produce traveler vehicles. In the year 1999, the organization obtained a significant stake in Gujarat Tractors and renamed it Mahindra Gujarat Tractors Ltd. 

Likewise, Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Ltd turned into an auxiliary of the organization. In the year 2000, the organization set up its first satellite farm vehicle plant at Rudrapur. They dispatched another age farm vehicle Mahindra Arjun 605 DI (60 HP) on the lookout. Additionally, they dispatched Bolero GLX (a utility vehicle) because of the requirements of metropolitan shoppers. In the year 2001, the organization dispatched Champion a 3-wheeler diesel vehicle. They dispatched Mahindra MaXX a multi-utility vehicle situated with the subtitle 'Greatest Space Maximum Comfort'. They made a tie-up with Renault for Petrol Engines. In the year 2002, the organization dispatched Scorpio another age elite games utility vehicle. In the year 2003, they dispatched Invader a lively open-top vehicle, and MaXX Pik Up. They set up a second farm truck get-together plant in the USA. They wandered into the Industrial motor business. Likewise, they dispatched India's first Turbo farm hauler Mahindra Sarpanch 595 DI Super Turbo. In the year 2004, the organization dispatched Bolero and Scorpio in Latin American Middle East and South African business sectors. 

They marked an MoU to go into joint endeavor with Jiangling Motor Company Group (JMCG) of China to get work vehicle producing resources from Jiangling Tractor Company an auxiliary of Jiangling Motor Company Group. In the year 2005, the organization obtained a 51% stake in SAR Transmission Private Limited an organization occupied with the production of cogwheels and transmission shafts. The organization turned into the principal Indian carmaker to dispatch the Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDe) offering it in the Scorpio. Additionally, they set up Mahindra International Ltd a joint endeavor with International Truck and Engine Corporation to make trucks and transports in India. In the year 2006, the organization gained the Stokes Group of UK the biggest car forgings organization in the UK. They dispatched the Scorpio V-arrangement


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