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The Biggest Things in Kashmir today is talking about 5G and teaching coding to kids.

The Biggest Things in Kashmir today is talking about 5G and teaching coding to kids. A few days ago I opened this website of Satyagraha and I noticed two articles, but I did not read them by clicking on the link, just thought about this news story and started working on it. What were the articles, the question is? "What will happen when 5G comes?" and “Is it right to talk about teaching coding to 5-6-year-olds?” As soon as I read these headlines, an incident that happened two days ago started spinning in my mind. I was in the shop of my friend Burhan Qazi located in the Lal Chowk area of ​​Anantnag that day. At the same time, a person came to Burhan's shop to get a new mobile phone. Burhan Qazi, in a hurry, took out a new mobile phone and said, "This is the very latest, 5G phone". Hearing this, the customer smiled and started inquiring about other cheap phones. Later he left the shop without taking the phone. Neither I was surprised nor Burhan Qazi was surprised

Army Tank Development In the 19th Century By France And British ||TANK|| || TECHNOLOGY|| ||DEVELOPMENT||

 Army Tank Development In the 19th Century By France And British.  


World War 1 has begun the history of tanks when all the terrain the fighting to each other with vehicles which has been introduced as per the responses of trench warfare in the field of mechanized warfare. After that tank has main equipment on ground level to fight against any country or army force. And in world war II the tank has been made at an advanced level to defeat the appointed and the cold war has seen modern tanks and they were rising for general purpose battle tanks. And now also tank is the backbone of the ground level battle operation in the 21st century.   

French development

 The France army has some private trace which will use world war and they have heavy pies of artillery in the difficult terrain and they have not that at a large number they know that it is used by British and while that time France has made many attempts to modified or upgrade the tank that can defeat the Germany barded and trenches. And in the between 1914 to 1915 they have done an experiment in the boriault machine which can defeat and can gap in the battlefield and they have made parallel  track which is made of 4x3 meter metallic, and which can be rotated in a circular motorized center. And this has many problems in that time in tank and problem which are the tank was slow and unable to change there directions and abandoned. On 1st December 1914 the paul frot engineer of frace which has the construction of canals for the company national and they modified that tank by adding big wheels and looks like rollers and this was tested on 18 march 1915 and this was effective in distorting barded wireline.

British development

Richard Hornsby & sons is the first in British to developed the caterpillar tractor in the year 1902. And they have made an engine that help them to move lifeboat to the beach in the year1908 and in the year 1909  they have made a steam power caterpillar tractor and this is made by northern light and power company of Dawson city and the owner of this company is joe Boyle and this machine was developed by them in the year 1912. And in the year 1914, they have officially order and a holt tank, and they have done their trial at Aldershot. And it has not the power of 105 horsepower and they have thought that 75 horsepower will better for them to have a heavy load on the uneven ground. And this tank can cover 4 miles in the hours with a speed of 6.4km/h. and towing can cover 2 miles in the hours with a speed of 3.2km/h and this is the easy availability in quantity and this official use in the war as a gun tank. and in the year 1914 exist Swinton a British engineer officer how had made a tank which has capability in the rough terrain but this information was passed to the transportation department and after the first world war the engineer was sent to France as an army war correspondent and in the year1914 they have identified the need of gun tank.


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