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The Biggest Things in Kashmir today is talking about 5G and teaching coding to kids.

The Biggest Things in Kashmir today is talking about 5G and teaching coding to kids. A few days ago I opened this website of Satyagraha and I noticed two articles, but I did not read them by clicking on the link, just thought about this news story and started working on it. What were the articles, the question is? "What will happen when 5G comes?" and “Is it right to talk about teaching coding to 5-6-year-olds?” As soon as I read these headlines, an incident that happened two days ago started spinning in my mind. I was in the shop of my friend Burhan Qazi located in the Lal Chowk area of ​​Anantnag that day. At the same time, a person came to Burhan's shop to get a new mobile phone. Burhan Qazi, in a hurry, took out a new mobile phone and said, "This is the very latest, 5G phone". Hearing this, the customer smiled and started inquiring about other cheap phones. Later he left the shop without taking the phone. Neither I was surprised nor Burhan Qazi was surprised




Modern space research of India has been traced to the 1920s when s.k Mitra has conducted an experiment with the help of the radio method in Kolkata and the name was ionosphere. Then great scientists like c.v Raman, Meghna Saha have joined in space science research. And after the independence, they saw that there is development in space research in India. And two main persons have lead research of space science of India and they are the physical research Laboratory at Ahmedabad and home Bhabha who have established the tata institution of fundamental research in the year 1945.

In the year 1950, the department of atomic energy was founded with help of Bhabha as its secretary. The department has done funding to space research throughout India. During this time they contious with  testing in the field of meteorology and magnetic field  and this topic were studying in India and after the establishment of Colaba in the year 1954 UP state has established foothills in the Himalayas. And after the eablsimenrt of Osmania University Hyderabad and get encouragement from the Indian government for space research and the year 1957 soviet union have lunch first spacecraft name as Sputnik 1 and set and possibility for the world to research and try to conduct their spacecraft launch. After the investment of Vikram Sarabhai to pm Nehru, they have set up the Indian national committee for space research in the year 1962. And there was no specific person to manage this department so the department of space and technology all activities are funded within DAE. And there first sounding rocket named Rohini was developed and start lunching all rocket this only from 1967 onwards.

 The 1970s and '80s

Under the guidance of Indra, Gandhi INCOSPAR was named ISRO, and in 1972, and commitment to space and technology has been made for the management of space and technology. And India has joined the soviet interkosmos program and then they have lunch their first satellite Arya Bhatta in the orbit and help of soviet rocket and after that work on the development of orbit lunch after mastering in a sound rocket. And they work on the launcher to improve the capability to make a sufficient level of velocity to the mass of 35 kg to enter in LEO. And it takes ISRO to developed its satellite launcher vehicle and has the capacity to lunch 40 kg to 400 km orbits after 7 years. SLV launchpad has a lot of technology like have a good communication system, tracking networks, and radars. The first Rohini was lunch in the year 1979 but they can't reach to there correct orbit and after that, they have successful lunch ronin serie1 in the year 1980 and it makes history that India was a sith to reach its orbit after USSR, USA, France, China, and Japan as Bhaskara has been lunch from USSR in the year 1979. And after that have modified their launching pad to lunch has satellite.




The 1990s and early 21st Century

 After the enter of PSLV in 1990, the Indian space program has increased its capacity. And PSLV has expected that their fight will successful in 1994 but later there two partial fights fail.  And PSLV gets a boost in their success in the lunch of flight that has launch 50 flights. And PSLV has lunach there LEO satellti and small payloads to GTO and hunder of forigen satelltes . PSLV has developed and flight name geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle.


The Indian space research organization (ISRO) is a national space agency of the Republic of India and they have their headquarter in Bangalore. And all the activities are undertaken by the department of space and this department overlook by the prime minister of India and the chairman of ISRO is also is the executives of DOS. ISRO is the basic or we can say prime agency to operate all activities related to the space application and also the development of space technology and India in top six agency who have full system of launching capability. INCOSPAR was established or set up by the Jawaharlal Nehru under the DAE. The establishment of ISOR has institutionalized space research have all activities in India.ISRO future main or goal was to expand their satellite fleet, then sending satellite in the moon and send human in the space and to development of there machine which in to do advance level of thing in the future. One of there missions is to make an unnamed or unknown mission to send a satellite in the moon, mars, venus, and sun. and development of scopes to observed the movement which is taking place in space and out of the solar system. The long-term mission includes development and the thing they are using is a reusable and heavy launcher that can use multiple times.  And space station also send a rocket to the external panties like Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and mission to the moon.  ISRO plays an important role in the social-economy of Indian and they have supported civilians as well as military domains both in the different field one of them is disease management and others are telemedicine and navigation mission. ISRO has made many technologies which very helpful in the field of engineering and medical industries. And ISRO is the space agency to found water on the moon. Insert to take attempted for mars. This the world's largest consatelliteation and this operated by two remotes which name is GAGAN and NAVIC.


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